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Derma Suction
Derma Suction
Derma Suction
Derma Suction
Derma Suction
Derma Suction
Derma Suction

Derma Suction

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  • Powerful but Gentle Vacuum Action Makes Extraction Quick & Painless
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Clean & Youthful
  • Use Anywhere on Your Face or Larger Areas Like Your Body, Arms, & Legs**
  • Easy to Clean

DermaSuction™ Features Icons

DermaSuction™ Before and After 2

Pulls the impurities out of your skin!


DermaSuction™ Oval Head

Oval Head

Smooths areas with fine lines and stimulates circulation in skin

DermaSuction™ Small Head

Small Head

Helps unclog pores & reduce blemishes (good for sensitive skin)


DermaSuction™ Large Head

Large Head

Deep cleaning of pores with strong suction to massage large areas of the body (torso, arms, legs, & back)

DermaSuction™ Abrasion Probe

Silicone Head

Gently loosen and exfoliate dead skin

DermaSuction™ Animation

Introducing DermaSuction™

The secret is the powerful, yet gentle vacuum action packed inside the DermaSuction™. Use it anywhere on your face or body and watch as DermaSuction™ extracts so much yuck. You’ll be amazed at the results. It leaves your skin feeling clean and youthful.